Murakami provides the full range of services involved in designing and building new homes, or in thoroughly reconstructing and updating existing dwellings.

From historical research and initial sketches to construction drawings and on-site supervision, we work with clients every step of the way to achieve their vision and ensure their satisfaction.

We collaborate closely with such professionals as landscape architects and interior designers, as well as structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, respecting their expertise in helping us develop fully integrated design solutions.

Finally, our team stays abreast of all the latest developments in construction materials and techniques.

Architectural Design

We strive to create enduring design solutions that embody the personality and spirit of each individual client.

For those clients who prefer understated elegance, we work in a range of traditional styles to create livable houses that respect the historical character and ambience of their neighbourhood.

We also create boldly original homes with simple lines, dynamic spaces and innovative materials that speak to the vision and flair of their owners.

In designing cottages and country homes, we embrace the unique qualities of the natural surroundings, creating comfortable places that enrich leisure time spent in the company of family and friends.

Throughout the concept design phase, we employ freehand sketches, scale models and three-dimensional graphic modelling to fully communicate our design ideas.

Interior Design

With every project, our role is to create a very practical and inviting architectural ‘backdrop’ which will enhance and compliment the interior design.

Creating livable homes is the result of observing how people actually use different spaces, then making design decisions accordingly.

For instance, when planning bedrooms, we leave sufficient wall space between doors or windows, to allow for a king-size bed with generous bedside tables. We ensure there is plenty of counter space next to the refrigerator door or dishwasher, making it easy to unload groceries or clear the table. We carefully locate floor heat registers, so airflow is not blocked by window coverings. We anticipate how people enter a darkened room or climb a set of stairs in the evening, and position light switches in the most convenient places.

These are the kinds of details that make a Murakami home a truly comfortable place in which to live.

Project Management

Once the design phase is completed, Murakami project managers ensure that every aspect of the home or cottage is properly realized in the finished product – in accordance with the agreed-upon schedule and budget.

We have built longstanding relationships with a range of gifted craftspeople – including stonemasons, coppersmiths, timbersmiths, wood carvers and plasterers – who create the unique details that distinguish a Murakami home.

By sourcing our materials from the top suppliers, and by working with the most experienced and respected tradespeople, we ensure that every home is built to the very highest standards.